Sam Shone Out with Long-Term Injury

Nov 11, 2021

Bristol Honda Pitbulls defenceman, Sam Shone, will miss most of the season after rupturing the AC joint in his shoulder in last weekend’s game against Solent.

The injury was just an unfortunate consequence of playing such an impact-heavy sport and Shone was keen to make it clear that no there was no blame in the incident.

He said: “In layman’s terms, the collarbone and the shoulder blade should be attached and they aren’t anymore!

“I went into the corner to chip a puck out then took a hit. It was shoulder-to-shoulder contact and completely fair, but I must’ve absorbed it at a funny angle. When I first felt the hit, I thought “wow”. I turned to battle it out in the corner and realised that I couldn’t lift my stick. So I just killed the puck to get a whistle. In hindsight, an unusually smart decision by me!

“I am awaiting to hear the grade and if surgery is confirmed as has been heavily suggested. So, doctors haven’t told me a timeline, yet, but I imagine I’m out for 12 weeks or so. If they do you want me to have surgery then it depends on how long the process takes.

“Looking at the home fixtures, I’d like to say I’ll make it back by April. But, you never really know. Once I’m out of the sling and I’ve either had surgery or have mobility back, I’m determined to get myself fully prepared for next year.”

The injury has come as a huge blow to the blueliner who was finally getting to play his first season in Bristol after playing seven seasons for the Pitbulls on the road.

Shone said: “I couldn’t be more gutted. I felt like I was starting to get my feet going and understand the way that Jamie wanted me to play. Even though we are two months into this season, we’ve only had a few training sessions at the actual rink so to be honest I’m completely devastated.

“On a more positive note, I do have to say a huge thank you to the Solent physio who helped out. They did an initial assessment and have also sent me a huge amount of information during this week.

“Jamie has been in contact with me and has made it clear that I’m not out of the picture. He’s told me that I’m still a part of the team, as have the boys, which, although it’s a tough pill to swallow, it’s a great sign of how close our group has got in such a short time.”

For Head Coach, Jamie Elson, the key was to make sure that Sam felt that he wasn’t being abandoned by the team.

Elson said: “It’s obviously a massive blow to lose Sam at this early stage of the season for what looks likely to be a lengthy period. Everyone at the club is truly gutted for him. Over recent games, Sam had started to show what he brings to our team and he’s a big part of the group both on and off the ice. 

“Being one of the guys who has been a core part of the Pitbulls set-up over the years, this season was a big point for him. I know he’s bitterly disappointed to be facing a spell off the ice at this time for the organisation.

“One of the first conversations Sam and I had this week was about how he could help myself and the team off ice while he is recovering. That shows how much the team means to him and his desire to still be involved and help contribute while he is recovering.

“We will be doing everything we can to help support Sam with his recovery and we know that having Sam around the bench and group will be beneficial as we start getting into the next few weeks packed schedule.”