Bristol Honda Pitbulls netminder, Tyler Perre, is bringing his season to a premature end so that he can begin treatment after receiving the heart-breaking news that his cancerous tumours have returned. As a result, yesterday’s game against the Solent Devils, where he won Man of the Match, will be his last of the 2021-22 campaign. 

Tyler Perre has the following to say 

Dear Bristol Honda Pitbulls fans, 

It is with a heavy heart that I have to cut my season short due to a very important surgery that I am having very soon. As some of you may or may not know, in summer 2021 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ependymoma in my spine and abdomen, this is a type of cancerous tumour that can occur in the brain and spine. I had surgery to remove these tumours and was cancer free.  

Unfortunately, as of November 2021 after having a routine MRI, it was found that 3 of the cancerous tumours have come back in my spine and abdomen again. Therefore, I will be undergoing Surgery to remove these tumours on the 17th of March, then radiation therapy. I want to be as open and honest about why my season has been cut short so there is no misunderstanding of why I am no longer playing this season. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the fans, supporters, sponsors and volunteers that make Bristol and the Pitbulls the best club to play for. You guys cheering and supporting us every week are what makes this amazing Bristol team come out to play and work hard every night, especially me. This has been the best year of hockey of my life and it’s so sad it has to end prematurely like this, but I have to take my personal health into account. Thank you all for your support this season and I hope to be back as soon as I can! 

Thank you all so much 


Pitbulls team owner, Richie Hargreaves, said: “Tyler is very highly thought of in our dressing room and our organisation. A true reflexion of that was our reaction on the ice last night. Tyler has been a big part of our success so far this season and has very much been a part of the heartbeat of our team. I have nothing but love and great things to say about Tyler and his family. As an organisation, we will do everything we can to support Tyler at this difficult time”