With the 2021-22 season coming to an end after last weekend, the Bristol Honda Pitbulls are already looking ahead to their first season in the NIHL National Division, particularly with regards to player recruitment.

Returning to Bristol in October 2021, after nine years on the road, there was an immediate buzz around the team. Fan engagement was beyond the wildest dreams of the team’s management group, not just in numbers but the passion that they immediately showed for the team and the sport.

That passion made Bristol one of the best, if not the best, place to play in the league. Opposition teams, and even on-ice officials, remarked on the noise levels during games. Sold-out games were the norm, not the exception. Off-ice, fan events such as the team photo signing night drew huge crowds and were greatly enjoyed by both sides of the signing table.

Sell-outs were the norm, not the exception.

So impressive was the response around ice hockey returning to Bristol, Pitbulls took a decision to step up to NIHL National for the 2022-23 season. It was a decision that was immediately validated as fans started snapping up season tickets the minute they went on sale.

The team would now like to hear from any players who are keen to experience the buzz of Bristol ice hockey and to help the Bristol Pitbulls bring the excitement of NIHL National ice hockey to our passionate fans. Anyone who wants to be involved in our exciting future should email info@bristolicehockey.co.uk to register their interest.

Our team photo signing night was enjoyed by all!