Ten-year-old Lola finished her charity skate raising money for the Oxford Hospitals Charity, where Pitbulls netminder Tyler Perre received his operations to remove his cancerous cells. 

Lola smashed through her original target of skating 25 miles in the month of May and ended up skating double that, finishing her 50th mile on Thursday night. She was joined by several members of the Pitbulls, including team owner Richie Hargreaves, second team head coach Chris Douglas as well as netminder duo John Dibble and Tyler Perre. along with his brother Bailey. Becci Osman, coach of the Bristol Huskies, also joined in along with several members of their team. 

Lola was joined for the final few laps by members of her family, the Pitbulls and the Huskies

Lola wanted to give something back after Perre’s successful surgery, Perre was diagnosed with stage 2 Ependymoma in the spine and abdomen in 2021, during a routine MRI in November, it was found to have returned. 

Despite this news, Perre played out the rest of the season for the Pitbulls, his original operation date in March was postponed due to Covid issues so Perre remained between the pipes and had surgery two days after the Pitbulls’ playoff defeat to Chelmsford in April. 

Lola describes herself as the Pitbulls’ “number one fan” and if you have attended Pitbulls games this year you will likely have seen Lola. She has been mascot on a couple of occasions alongside her favourite player John Dibble. An aspiring netminder, Lola did all of this whilst wearing full goalie gear making her task that much more difficult. 

Lola with younger brother George and netminders John Dibble and Tyler Perre

When asked about Lola’s skate, Dibble said. “The entire team are incredibly proud of Lola, her efforts and what she’s been able to achieve. Smashing through her original target and skating 50 miles in her kit and raising the amount of money she has for the Oxford Hospitals Charity. 

“She supported us all season long and it was great to be able to be alongside her on the ice when she finished her amazing skate.” 

Dibble also wanted to encourage Lola to keep following her dreams of being a netminder and said “Keep up the training but make sure you enjoy yourself. I think it’s the best position to play, but then again maybe I’m a bit biased.” 

On Thursday after completing her skate, Tyler Perre donated some new gear to her, including a jersey and a pair of goalie skates.  

When talking to the BBC, Lola’s Mum Samantha said she was “incredibly proud” of what her daughter was doing. As of right now, Lola has raised over £1000 with her efforts and you’re still able to donate, the link is available on the Bristol Pitbulls website and across their social media platforms.