By Xanthe Boursier-Gazzard

The Bristol Honda Pitbulls fell to a 10-1 defeat on home ice after a performance that was comfortably their worst of the season on Saturday night, a score line that the Peterborough Phantoms had deservedly earnt. 

Going into the game the home team had a familiar line-up without two ways Luke Smital, Christian Mohr and Bobby Ragan and the away side were without Scott Robson, Louis Kynaston, Justin Dennison and netminder Tyler De La Bertouche

In the first period, Phantoms took an early lead which we would continue to see build throughout the night with their first being taken by Martins Susters off the back of Luke Ferrara’s pass, just over a minute later Brad Bowering fired a shot from the blueline that flew straight past Ben Norton. The Phantoms were pushing for more increasing the pressure on Norton who denied shots from Ferrara however couldn’t stop Lukas Sladkovsky from lighting the lamp. The Phantoms then got their chance on the powerplay allowing Susters to score another in the period as they took their opportunity during five-on-four. Bristol made a change of netminder to #29 Matt Smital before ending the period 4-0 down.

Entering the second, the Phantoms continued their streak as Sladkovsky’s shot glided past Smital increasing the lead to five, followed by another chance that Sladkovsky took again. Some penalties followed for the Pitbulls permitting two more goals from Susters and Sladkovsky doubling the teams lead from last period to eight.

The third saw the home team attempt shots as Harewood took the puck up to the offensive zone, however a finish couldn’t be made from Coric as Jordan Marr stood his ground, tailed by a shot off the blue line from Sam Smith that was deflected. The Phantoms however continued their ascendancy with Ales Padelek getting the ninth of the evening and Sladkovsky minutes later bringing the team to double digits with his fifth. Bristol finally made it on the board as Ed Bradley fire the puck over the line with a good shot from the slot, a goal that Jordan Marr probably didn’t deserve to concede in the final couple of minutes of the game.

Man of the match for the away side went to #91 Lukas Sladkovsky who scored an impressive five goals for the Phantoms, the home sides man of the match went to #11 Sean Morris.