By Xanthe Boursier-Gazzard

The Bristol Honda Pitbulls fell to a 6-0 defeat at the Link Centre on Saturday after a game that left the Swindon Wildcats celebrating on home ice.

The Pitbulls continued to be without defenseman Reece Cochrane, however saw Kyle Pow take the third import spot for the evening.

Both sides started off with chances on net going from zone to zone; however, the Wildcats seemed more prevalent by steering the puck back to Gaël Lubwele, who fired a shot off the post to open the scoring. The home team then had their chance on the powerplay as a call for tripping was made, leaving Colby Tower to launch a shot top shelf, ending the period with a two-goal cushion.

Max Birbraer and Bayley Harewood both took shots on the net as the second period began; despite this, Renny Marr held his own, allowing the opposition to push the puck back into their zone. An opportunity arose for Tower once again on the powerplay, shooting the puck past Ben Norton, getting the only goal to come of this period, continuing to concede.

The Wildcats continued their success into the third period as Sam Bullas squeezed a shot under the bar that caused a dispute across the away team, calling for a high stick, which was unanswered. Making their way back down the ice, the Pitbulls made an attempt five-on-four but were turned back around by the home side, ceasing their chance, and skating to fire a shot deep from Aaron Nell, scoring shorthanded. Josh Shaw confirmed the final score, getting the Wildcats sixth goal of the evening as space opened in front of the net, allowing him to sweep it past the back of Norton, leaving the game goalless for the visiting Pitbulls.

Player of the Match for the Wildcats went to Renny Marr for his shutout and Ben Norton for your Bristol Honda Pitbulls.