A different approach to this weekend in terms of the schedule as the Bristol Pitbulls get ready to welcome the Hull Seahawks to the Pound on Friday evening for their home fixture of the weekend and then make the trip to the Sapphire on Saturday evening to take on the Raiders again.

Hull Seahawks

The Seahawks are going into this weekend in 4th place within the league standings after being able to secure 57 points in 48 games as they have won 27 games, lost 18 games and had 3 games go to overtime but walked away with only 1 point due to loss. Hull will be eager to get back to winning ways after a zero point weekend last weekend as they faced a doubleheader against the Leeds Knights and they lost both games. 

The power play unit that has been put out by Seahawks this season has resulted in them having a power play that is 22% effective after they have been able to successfully use 30 out of 137 man advantage they have found themselves with. Hull’s penalty kill in the 48 games completed has been 79% effective after they have been able to see 150 out of 191 short-handed times the whole way through. There have been 11 short-handed goals scored against the Seahawks this season while on the other side Hull have been able to score 7 short-handed goals that have been scored by Emil Svec, Finlay Urlick, Brock Bartholomew, Sam Towner and Bobby Young. 

There have been a total of 1,554 shots on goal against the Seahawks over the 48 games completed with this creating an average of 32 shots on goal per game. However, the Seahawks have been able to have 1,873 shots on goal for them that leads to roughly 39 shots on goal per game.  179 goals have gotten past the netminders in Hull while the Seahawks players have been able to get 203 goals to the back of netminders goals across the league. 

Going into Friday’s fixture, ones to watch going into this game will be Brock Bartholomew and Finlay Ulrick. Brock Bartholomew has had a standout season for the Seahawks and is the top point scorer for the Seahawks so far this season as he currently sits on 57 points from 20 games and 37 assists going into this weekend. He has managed to secure 5 power play goals this season as well as 1 short-handed and 5 game winning goals which will be something the Pitbulls will need to watch out for throughout the night.  Finlay Ulrick has played a massive part in the Seahawks’ power play and penalty kill this season as he has been able to score 5 goals with 9 assists while being on the power play as well as 3 goals and 1 assists while Hull have been short-handed. He is a big part of Hull’s offensive pushes and clearly the defensive zone and this season has managed to collected 66 points from 25 goals and 41 assists. 

Raiders IHC

Raiders currently 7th within the league standings as they have managed to secure 43 points in 47 games by winning 18 games, losing 22 games and losing 7 games in overtime. The Raiders are going into Friday’s fixture off the back of a 8-0 win against the Bristol Pitbull last Sunday but had previously lost to the Telford Tigers on Saturday evening. 

The Raiders’ power play in the 47 games they have completed has been 24% effective as they have been able to use 43 out of 181 chances they have had with a man advantage while the penalty kill this season for the Raiders has been 72% effective as they have been able to successfully see through 136 out of 188 times where they have found themselves short-handed. There have been a total of 13 short-handed goals against the Raiders this season by teams across the league, but the Raiders have been able to only score 3 short-handed goals themselves that have been scored by Brandon Ayliffe and George Norcliffe.

There have been a total of 1,586 shots on goal against them from the 47 games completed and this has led to roughly 34 shots on goal against the Raiders netminders per game. On the other side, the Raiders have been able to have 1,717 shots on goal and have created an average of 37 shots on goal per game. 212 goals have gotten to the back of the Raiders net by players across the league while Raiders have been able to score 203 goals.

Going into Saturday’s game, the Pitbulls will need to keep a close eye on Jake Sylvester and Aaron Connolly. Jake Sylvester is the Raiders’ top scoring British player as he has been able to get 56 points this season from 36 goals and 20 assists while only receiving 4 penalty minutes in 41 games. He has been a big part of the power play unit this season as he has managed to score 6 power play goals and has scored 2 game winning goals for the Raiders. Aaron Connolly has a very physical approach to his offensive pushes which has helped him in games against the Pitbulls this season which will need to be kept an eye on throughout the night. He has been able to collect 41 points in 46 games from 16 goals and 25 assists with 3 goals and 6 assists while the Raiders have been on the power play.